Monitor your entire business in real-time

Discover why hundreds of business monitor their most crucial assets, the Logical way. Ensure compliance with automated reporting. Minimise stock loss with real-time text alerts and save money with energy consumption analytics.

Monitor your critical assets

The Logicall Way. 

  • Minimise Stock Loss

  • Guarantee Compliance

  • Save Time and Money 



Install Sensors

Connect Gateway

Access Data

Our discrete data loggers take seconds to install and have a battery life of up to 3 years, requires zero maintenance and will safeguard your assets 24/7. 

Our gateways use a separate cellular 

connection to connect to the web therefore no need for onsite wifi. Even more, our gateways can receive data from up to 20km!

Our easy to use dashboard allows users to view their data at a glance as-well-as conduct further analysis to identify problem areas and print compliance reports.

Choose your sensors 








Door Contact





Leak Detection




And many more

Listen, analyse and act on your data

Ensure compliance visibility and improve staff productivity with automated real-time monitoring. 

Gain insight, analysis, and control of your business
wireless temperature sensor monitoring the covid-19 vaccine



We have been working hard ensuring the safe storage of vaccines nationwide. Receive real-time alerts in the event of a breakdown with Logicall.

"The system has been extremely useful! The centralised system offers information at a glance as well as providing invaluable data to pass onto partners. It has been especially helpful for analysing temperature excursions and conducting risk assessment paperwork."


Maryse Mackenzie, Medicines Safety Officer,


"I’ve had a great experience with Logicall. The temperature probes they have provided are very reliable. and the technicians are great at dealing with any issues you may come across. Highly recommend this company!"

Ibrahim Khan, Researcher,

 Panthera Clinical Research 

Logicall Enterprise is a great product,  it saves us a lot of time not having to keep manual records of our fridge temperatures. The software is easy to use and always very friendly service!"


Sarah Britton, Pharmacists, 

Concord Medical Centre

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Logicall Sensor Brochure.pdf (page 1 of
Logicall Sensor Brochure.pdf (page 1 of
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