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Are you tired of manual temperature checks?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Manual temperature checks are tedious, prone to error and in this day and age completely unnecessary. Automated monitoring can save you time money and stock everyday.

Among a vast array of others, food safety regulations stipulate:

2.4. Temperature sensitive foods to be kept under temperature control and temperatures recorded at least thrice daily, keeping records for 12 months

3.5. Ensure temperature- sensitive foods are kept as cool as possible during preparation and return to temperature control when appropriate

4.1. Ensure food is thoroughly cooked to a core temperature of 750C. Record temperatures and maintaining records for 12 months

4.3. Ensure foods to be cooked are chilled and stored at <80C within 90 mins. Cook: Chill <50C within 90 minutes.

With all these time consuming and tedious regulations to complete on a daily basis its no wonder chefs sweat as much as they do.

Although, as if the literal heat wasn’t enough regulatory bodies are constantly looking for new ways to stricken food safety laws within the catering sector. Although I stand fully behind the premise, burdening small establishments with a workload of this stature can seem unfair through the eyes of some restauranteurs.

As stated above “Temperature sensitive foods are to be kept under temperature control and temperatures recorded at least thrice daily, keeping records for 12 months.”

For an ordinary sized establishment it could take an employee over an hour per day to manually check each cold storage unit, take a temperature, record the temperature and organise the data for a 12 month storage period. Not to mention tending to their duties of preparing for service, checking the freshness of ingredients, inspecting supplies, equipment and work areas for cleanliness and much more.

When this is taken into account, it suddenly becomes very clear as to why temperature records are frequently missed or forgotten altogether. Kitchen staff simply do not have the time nor provocation to insert a probe into a fridge or freezer wait for the accurate reading and write it down onto a gravy stained piece of paper 3 times a day.

Of course some may be lucky enough to attain a cold storage unit with a digital display, however the accuracy of some built in fridges and freezers leaves a lot to be desired, especially when pit against a specialised piece of equipment.

Luckily there is a very simple and easy solution that exists to completely eliminate this inconvenience.

Logicall will monitor each and every one of your cold storage units 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for less than £20 a month. Temperature data is recorded as often as you wish. All the data is sent immediately to the cloud where it is stored indefinitely.

This data is then accessible via any web enabled device. You could be in Australia monitoring your dairy fridge in Scotland, in real time! And if that wasn’t good enough, reports for individual fridges and freezers can be run in seconds or you can even program the software run weekly temperature audits automatically.

Continuous monitoring used to be a luxury but not any more. Get in touch today and see how wireless temperature monitoring can help your organisation.

Contact a member of the team today on 01672 569374 or email us at info@logicall.co

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