• Curtis Taylor

How to Guarantee compliance and Minimise stock loss

Updated: Feb 23

As regulations and legislation becomes an even bigger part of food safety today, it is vital that caterers are able to produce accurate and reliable temperature data. Whether it be for storage, preparation, cooking or serving.

Many food safety processes are manual and prone to inaccuracy, with inconsistent and limited information it's nearly impossible to predict or quickly react to a problem. Not to mention manual temperature management is time consuming, prone to error and often missed or ignored.

Luckily the rapid growth in technology means compliance is no longer a chore, inaccurate temperature readings are a thing of the past and manual fridge checks can become obsolete by making one small change in your organisation.

A simple wireless temperature sensor will accurately, reliably and cost effectively record temperature data 24 hours a day. Ensuring compliance within your organisation, completely eradicating stock loss and offering total peace of mind that if you do have a fridge/freezer breakdown, our cloud based system will

alert you via text or email before causing any major issues.

Logicall’s simple and easy to use temperature monitoring system is designed specifically for the cold chain and incorporates the latest technology allowing you to:

•Simplify HACCP compliance with continuous temperature monitoring and instant reporting

• Improve operational efficiency through automating a manual process

• Eliminates error-prone manual logging with automated digital reports

Monitor your stock the Logicall way today. .

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