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IoT Building Monitoring - The future of building management.

Do you know the temperature of your fridge right now? How about the status of your smoke alarms, your current energy consumption or the quality of the air you are breathing?

Building management is changing and Logicall Wireless Solutions are at the forefront of this technological shift.

As industry leaders in this space, we specialise in providing, high quality, scalable and cost-effective solutions to provide crucial insights into your organisation's key assets.

Whether it’s complying with food safety regulations or ensuring the absence of legionnaires disease in your buildings water supply, Logicall has the knowledge, expertise and solution to make a difference.

Using the latest in IoT sensor technology, we have over 100 different IoT devices at our disposal for use in any environment, for almost any task.

So what is IoT?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data.

The Internet of Things allows millions of devices to be connected, measured and monitored to automate processes and operations and support better decision making.

IoT is constantly growing and there are already more connected things than people in the world, with 41.6 billion connected IoT devices predicted by 2025.

So how do we receive this data?

LoRaWAN is the global standard for Low Power Wide Area IoT networks

The rise in the Internet of Things is supported by the Low–Power, Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) allowing the transfer of information at low cost.

LPWAN provides long-range (up to 15km) communication between sensors and base stations, resulting in networks with 2-3 times fewer base stations compared to alternatives solutions involving Wi-Fi.

The battery also offers significant improvements; the dramatic reduction in device power consumption provides a battery life of up to 10 years.

The enhancements in data transmission allow deep indoor penetration and add the ability to reach sensors located metres underground.

Finally, base stations/gateways have significantly reduced in cost allowing us to roll out complete solutions in a just few hours and with minimum capital investment.

Why you NEED IoT in your Business

Studies have found that 83% of organisations that have adopted IoT into their business have improved their efficiency by doing so.

Solutions like Logicall Enterprise provide abundant operational improvement opportunities:

  1. Save Money

Optimising your use of energy and resources can be achieved by adopting smart devices. And with 24/7 monitoring, you can be alerted in case of possible bottlenecks, breakdowns, and damages to the system.

2. Automation and Control

One of the biggest advantages of IoT is the automated monitoring it provides. Knowing the exact temperature of supplies or the air quality in your office can allow you to make the best decisions for your business. Furthermore, monitoring perishable goods can and will improve safety by being alerted in the event of a breakdown.

3. Efficient and Saves Time

Accurate and real-time data means accurate results can be obtained immediately. Tedious manual jobs such as equipment checks can be fully automated resulting in huge time savings allowing your staff to focus on other tasks.

4. Information

The more information you have at your disposal, the better business decisions can be made. The ability to have complete insight into your operations both nationally and globally means decisions can be made more quickly and effectively.

5. Better Quality of Life

In all organisation, but especially SME’s, quality of life can be greatly enhanced with the benefits of IoT. Our application aims to increase convenience as well as offering peace of mind that your most critical assets are under constant monitoring.

Why Logicall Enterprise?

Automated real-time asset monitoring used to be a luxury but with our new insights platform Logicall Enterprise, the decision to automate has never been easier.

Here at Logicall, we wanted to create a monitoring system that would remove the tiresome manual checks and ensure peace of mind in knowing that your perishable goods are stored safely. We wanted to provide a system that was not only highly detailed and intuitive but user friendly; all at an affordable price!

Up until now, monitoring solutions have failed to overcome limitations such as:

  • Poor signal strength

  • Limited staff accessibility

  • Costly installation and maintenance

  • Loss of data through network outages

We continue to work with the best software and hardware providers in the UK to have the highest level of expertise for the vital components of the system. We focused on solving the issues from our customer feedback and made no compromise in our developments.

As a result, Logicall Wireless Solutions provides real-time data of your most critical assets to your phone, tablet or laptop! With alarms via email, text and phone call, you will be able to quickly react to any issues and save your perishable goods.

And with a Battery backup solution, we can ensure the system operates 24/7, even during a power outage.

The Logicall Wireless Solution displays features that make the decision to automate your monitoring easy:

  • Signal range up to 15km ensuring reliability and consistency of data

  • Easy to use software with reports for all auditing purposes

  • Cost-effective solution with a rapid ROI

  • Print Instant quality reports,

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Increase equipment insights

  • Automate manual operations

  • Reduce inventory loss

One breakdown is all it takes!

With the low initial cost of the system and the crucial assets you wish to monitor, one breakdown is really all it takes to get a full return on investment and the Simplicity and fast installation continues to make it hugely cost-effective and stress-free.

Logicall Enterprise is a complete and proven solution to tackle even the most difficult environments whether it is: Critical Environment Monitoring, End-to-end Asset Tracking or Buildings facilities automation or supply chain tracking.

In summary, remote monitoring allows you to massively reduce costs, gain complete transparency into your business assets and fully automate compliance procedures

Guarantee compliance, minimise stock loss and save time and money for your organisation today and get in touch with a member of our team.

Make the Logicall step to automate your operations.

Visit our website or call us to arrange your FREE consultation and discuss your monitoring requirements.

Visit our website at www.logicall.co for more info.

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