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Pharmacy temperature monitoring
Hospitality HACCP monitoring


Maintaining strict temperature parameters is vital to ensure safe and fresh-tasting produce. Our remote temperature sensors are small enough to fit into any cold storage unit ensuring temperature data is recorded, monitored and analysed throughout the entire cold chain. All records comply to HACCP/EHO procedures and are accessible from anywhere, anytime via our secure Logicall cloud. Perfect for a catering establishment with a clear view of food safety.

Once installed our temperature monitoring system will automatically record temperate data at intervals chosen by you, saving you the constant headache of manually recording the temperature of each of your fridges and freezers.

Live email or text alerts will be sent should a unit’s parameters be breached, meaning no matter where you are, you will have the time to eliminate any stock losses, saving you both time and money.



Temperature tracking and monitoring used to be a luxury. Not anymore. You must maintain compliance, and our Logicall solution makes it easy and cost-effective to do so. Suitable for Pharmacy, Pathology, Blood Banks, Mortuary and many more. We are able to monitor temperatures from +100° to -180°. So no more hoping you’ll catch a temperature breach, as automated temperature monitoring will be the vigilant eye when you can’t be.

From a single Fridge or Freezer in a Pharmacy or Lab area, right up to multiple units on multiple sites, Logicall will alert you when an out of range temperature is logged. You can access and view real-time or historical data, via any web-enabled device 24/7. Alarm alerts are sent via email or text, and full reports and audit trails can be generated in seconds.

We are also able to remotely monitor an entire hospital site meaning you can create an enterprise solution for your organisation and maintain insight and control of all your operations.

healthcare medicine temperature monitoring
logistics and asset monitoring data loggers

Logistics & Asset Management

Logistics can be an incredibly challenging role, but with the help of Logicall you can streamline the most demanding processes. Our monitoring system will provide invaluable real-time data on the condition of your assets.

Remote sensors can be placed discreetly along with your cargo, measuring crucial parameters specific to your products. Whether it's temperature, humidity, light, GPS, or vibration our remote monitoring system will relay this information back to you.

Thus reducing the security risks of stock loss as well as ensuring regulatory compliance throughout.

Being able to track your goods from anywhere in the world will allow you to:

  • Eliminate unknown delivery times

  • Increase operational visibility

  • Automate manual process’

  • Minimise stock shrinkage


Public sector

Whether it's in transport, emergency services, electricity, or waste management. We can tailor-make a solution for your exact needs.

Monitoring your assets can provide invaluable data for your organisation and help you save time and money. As well as ensure compliance and minimise shrinkage. You are able to customise your dashboard to receive just the information that matters to you!

We have worked to provide valuable insight such as air quality, GPS location, Occupancy, vibration, gas, light, and many more.

Whether you want to track the location of your ambulances or monitor the water usage of your office Logicall Enterprise will create a scaleable IoT solution to benefit any business. 

public sector monitoring gps temperature
Agricultural monitoring


Agricultural monitoring is a must for any farming organisation. Automate this process with our wide variety of sensors.

Monitor your produce for soil moisture, electrical conductivity, temperature PH, and more. and benefit from daily analysis and insight, 

Alternatively, monitor your livestock with GPS tracking and geo-fencing.

And don't forget about your machinery, monitor water usage electricity usage as well as identify when your heavy machinery is in use with vibration monitoring.



From preschool to postgrad our system will help to ensure compliance and minimise stock loss at various levels of your organisation.

Whether you want to improve food safety, monitor your facilities, use for education, analyse data, save time and money or all of the above the Logicall Enterprise Solution will provide value to your staff and your business.

One gateway centrally placed within your organisation can collate data from 1000's of sensors creating a truly scalable and customisable asset monitoring solution.

Get a free quote below or get in touch for more infomation.

Monitoring in the educational sector
facilities monitoring

Facility monitoring

No matter your organisation you will always be faced with the requirement to maintain and monitor the relevant onsight facilities.

Whether it's air conditioning units, water pipes, gas usage, electricity meters, and more, we will automate this monitoring process.

With updates directly to your custom dashboard, you will save not only time but money with the ability to preemptively detect any equipment failures through historical reports and analysis.

All your data is secured in the cloud where you can access it any time to look at your desired assets.

Set up your own alert parameters and select the individual required to maintain to avoid any future breakdowns.


heritage monitoring

Priceless historical artefacts such as paintings, monuments, fossils and bones require precise and efficient morning. Artefacts can be critical to certain environments such as temperature, humidity and light.


Our discrete all-in-one sensor will monitor your priceless assets 24/7 and alert of any environment imperfections before they cause any harm.

We strive to provide insight, analysis and control to any organisation harbouring critical assets. With our system your artefacts will be constantly protected, manual operations will be automated and money will be saved.

Heritage monitoring

Sensor list

wireless Door Contact monitoring
Wireless Temperature monitoring
wireless energy monitoring
Wireless Humidity monitoring
wireless gas monitoring
wireless Light monitoring
wireless vibration monitoring
wireless gps monitoring








Door Contact

wireless weather monitoring
wireless Moisture monitoring
wireless Occupancy monitoring
wireless Activity monitoring



wireless water leak monitoring
wireless Pressure monitoring
wireless wind monitoring
wireless Noise monitoring



Leak Detection





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