Whether your transporting temperature critical produce or just need to monitor location, we've got you covered

Logistics and Asset Management

Logistics can be an incredibly challenging role, but with the help of Logicall you can streamline the most demanding process’s. Our monitoring system will provide invaluable real-time data of the condition of your assets.

Remote sensors can be placed discreetly along with your cargo, measuring crucial parameters specific to your products. Whether its temperature, humidity, light, GPS or vibration our remote monitoring system will relay this information back to you.

Thus reducing the security risks of stock loss as well as ensuring regulatory compliance throughout.

Being able to track your goods from anywhere in the world will allow you to:

  • Eliminate unknown delivery times
  • Increase operational visibility
  • Automate manual process’
  • Minimise stock shrinkage
  • Identify bottlenecks and streamline operations

With the advancements in IOT technology such as further analytics and greater network coverage, monitoring your goods has never been simpler.

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