We aim to provide insight and control to any organisation harboring perishable goods.

Logicall Local

Our brand new plug and play system allows you to:

  • Monitor temperature 24/7
  • Automate a manual process
  • Store data for life
  • Ensure compliance

Logicall Cloud

Our cloud based solution will allow you to:

  • View live data
  • Receive temperature alerts and warnings
  • Reduce waste
  • Simplify HACCP compliance
  • Identify maintenance issues early
  • Analysis your cold storage units to save money on electricity usage

Logicall Enterprise

Our new solutions utilises LoRa technology allowing you to:

  • Receive data from miles away
  • Monitor entire buildings with one gateway
  • Endlessly scale you monitoring
  • Choose form over 100 sensor types
  • Customise your own dashboard


Call 01672 569374 or email to tell us about your applications or to just talk through any ideas you may have.