Logicall IceCube

Logicall Wireless Solutions is currently in the process of creating a very unique monitoring solution. Parameters include but are not limited to temperature, humidity, UV light, water flow and electric current. Incorporating a wide range of the latest technology, Logicall intend to create a highly accurate, yet cost effective solution to suite just about any application we are presented with. Our brand new system will be launching in 2018 with major improvements upon any current solution out there. We are also confident that our system will be one of the most cost effective on the market.

We are excited to be working with some or the best product developers in the country to bring you our new solution, for any additional information feel free to contact one of the team.


We are confident our new system will be able to work within just about any environment to monitor just about any perimeter we are presented with. The availability of new technology means our solution will be very cost effective perfect for anywhere from a huge corporation to a small independent cafe. Our system is designed to be as affordable as possible without economising any of the other features that make our system great, like the degree of accuracy we are able to achieve, the simplicity of installation and efficiency of our software.

Stay informed through our website, blog and other social media outlets for more information including release dates, testing and other exclusive features.

Key Features

  • Twice the potential
  • Half the price
  • Unlimited applications
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Extremely scalable